Improving Patient Care,
Through Interconectivity.

About Novatross

Novatross IQ is a Clinical data driven information technology company. Our solutions and products are centered around the improvement of patient care through an aggregation of medical data from disparate healthcare systems and applications. Our solutions offer Healthcare organizations the ability to streamline and automate ad-hoc responses to risk factors and clinical triggers.
Our Belief
At Novatross we believe that the true value of clinical data is realised when it creates and initiates an actionable step that engages stakeholders in an individual's health and wellness. -- Chile Banks, C.O.O

Actionable data

What do we do?

Disparate healthcare systems and applications offer specialized services which substantially impact different aspects of individual and population health. To maximize the net effect of these systems, Novatross develops infrastructures and channels where 3rd party applications can communicate with centralized healthcare systems (EHR). These information gateways allow the flow of actionable data and insights in a secure ecosystem which adheres to HIPPA and other regulatory guidelines.

Dynamic Interoperablity Solutions

Healthcare organizations use different systems to manage various aspects of patient care. How do we get these disparate systems to exchange and access vital patient information >>>

Medical Application and Software Development

The continual improvement of the quality of healthcare administration and patient management, creates a demand for medical applications which either bridge or improve the functionality >>>

End to End WelltrackOne AWV System Integration

Novatross Med-IQ is a certified partner of WellTrackONE Corporation. Through this partnership we offer WellTrackONE's Annual Wellness Visit Program (AWV) >>>