Annual Wellness Visit. Better Health Care Starts With You!

WelltrackOne AWV

Novatross Med-IQ is a certified partner of WellTrackONE Corporation. Through this partnership we offer WellTrackONE's Annual Wellness Visit Program (AWV). This program provides you with a turnkey solution to enable you to administer the Medicare “Annual Wellness Visit ” to all your Medicare patients, without increasing your workload. We provide all the software and reports that enable you to stay in compliance with CMS’s requirements.
Is the AWV worthwhile?
A 30 minute visit, administered by your Nurse or CMA can substantially increase your practice’s revenue. The incidental follow-ups from the AWV can also generate very significant revenue while greatly enhancing your patient care.

What is the AWV?

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You probably provide Annual Physicals for SOME of your Medicare patients, but not the comprehensive Annual Wellness Visit (AWV). The AWV is a FREE wellness visit for ALL your Medicare patients, active and inactive. The wellness portion of the visit includes functional capacity, safety, cognitive evaluation and depression screen along with other providers of care, diet, exercise and activity level. These components are typically NOT captured during the Annual Physical. The WellTrackOne AWV system provides critical information about the patient that you wouldn’t always see from your other visits. Many of our physicians have told us that our system has helped them identify problems in their Medicare population that they didn’t know existed previously.

Wait, can't I just do the AWV with my EMR ?

There is no doubt that your EMR can create great templates. But it’s the risk factors, 5-year plan and Personalized Health Advice that is often omitted by EMRs and those are required by Medicare. To maximize AWV performance our system is coupled with a highly efficient “outreach” method.

Benefits of the Annual Wellness Visit.

H.C Provider Benefits

30 minute visit , administered by your Nurse or CMA will net your practice approx $220/Hr. The incidental follow-ups from the AWV can generate $250,000 in additional revenues*. Apart from the financial upside, our AWV system will allow to; Have help from our team, this aids you in conducting your Annual Wellness Visits for your patients. Be able to provide follow-up care for your patients based upon the AWV report Provide your patients with a proactive medical system of care. *figures based on a 500 patient awv intake.

The AWV will allow you provide a higher level of care for your patients, this care includes; A standardized assessment of their health established as a base and every year thereafter A 5-year plan of health and screening schedule given to them as a roadmap for their personal healthcare Personalized health advice Risk factors assessment and follow-up care