Improving Patient Care,
Through Interconectivity.

HL7 & Interoperability

Healthcare organizations use different systems to manage various aspects of patient care. How do we get these disparate systems to exchange and access vital patient information, not only within the same organization but also across different facilities. Standardized medical information exchange ensures that disparate healthcare systems understand clinical and patient data in the same way. Hl7 is an Intentional standard established over 20 years ago to help healthcare information systems within and across organizations to communicate better.
Connecting & Accessing EHR Data

Third party clinical application developers are building apps which improve individual care. Connecting these apps to EHRs and allowing clinical data transfers improves a providers ability to develop workable care plans. .


Our Services

Novatross IQ provides a wide range of interoperable solutions. Our solutions allow the secure transfer of clinical data in various formats over disparate connection protocols. We leverage dynamic Interface engines and applications to develop data exchange channels which enable the real time transfer of Healthcare data.Our solutions all adhere to current Healthcare guidelines and standards.

Dyanmic & Secure Data Transmissions

Our system connection solutions will allow to send and extract clinical data securely from different EHRs and Medical applications.